#09   Dr. Rhodes Chiropractic

Will Brown

15 april 2015

April 4th 2015
San Francisco

We've walked the same stretch of San Francisco's Mission Street for years, visiting the same restaurants, bars, and shops, but it wasn't until about two years ago that we noticed "Dr. Rhodes Chiropractic". The sign stuck out because the text was displayed backwards, a surreal addition to the local advertising landscape. It was a small, dyslexic flaw, but we couldn't stop thinking about it.

Dr. Rhodes eventually packed up his or her business, but the sign remained for some time. Was it a mistake that never got corrected? Was it intentionally installed backwards? Did it lead to the demise of the business? Either way, no one other than us seemed to notice.

The sign is now gone and the only documentation of it, other than our own, show it installed the correct way, left to right. Were we the only ones who saw it backwards?

We pass on this small disruption to our friends in St-Amandsberg.

Will Brown begroet St-Amandsberg op de dag van de opening: