#10   One of Many, aiming for the other side

Dirk Zoete

26 september, 2015

A performance comes along
User manual, in random order.

Indoor training
Figure 1
First move (wooden clothes)
Living in trees
Native monster 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
Stage Construction (circus) Act one, second move
Mountain man
Small new world
Ark replay
Ark and Axe
Figure 2 (closet)
Collection of ships and equipments
At sea
Wagon and coffins
.Shy gipsy
a carpenter’s dream
Night vision
Duck hunt on stage
Stage composition
Costume and figure play
Façade (first dog)
Bird control
The Wild Bunch
Barns on stage
Tricks with pigs
A modern woodworker
Barn collection
Arcadian box
Disguised as a gnome
New Mexic. (Choreography)
Pedestal movements on stage
Event on stage (still undetermined)
Mr.Ship and Mr.Wharf
Carefree relaxation
Turner and Constable
Cruel and innocent (wagon)

One of many
Figure 3,4,5
Figure, in anticipation of improvement
Invert and inhale
Figure play,struggling with spare parts
Figure 6,7,8
Training the birds
The scene with the coffin
Showing the corpse
Doubt between two movements
Attention! Attention!
Motivation zero
Learning the game
The landscape inside
No explanation today
Decor with facial expressions
Figure 9 ( Jacques)

Ceremoniële opening van 'One of Many, aiming for the other side' olv Dirk Zoete, Peter Vermeersch en Steffie Van Cauter.